BREAKING: Hunter Biden Was Suspected of Smoking Crack in DC Strip Club’s VIP Area

Just a few blocks from the White House is a strip club named Archibald’s gentlemen’s Club that frequently plays host to Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. Archibald’s managing partner James Ritter told Page Six that in 2018, Hunter Biden was in their VIP room when he, some staffers and patrons smelled what seemed like burning styrofoam coming from the room.

When he entered the room, he spotted Hunter Biden and he warned him that no illegal activity would be allowed there. He says he didnt see Biden do anything illegal but after the warning the smell stopped. Hunter Biden had been kicked out of the military for cocaine use and at the time of the incident, he was working for Burisma Holdings.

Ritter also said that Biden was a regular and that he spent thousands upon thousands of dollars, using credit cards that were not in his name but that the club made an exception for him. Since no one ever complained to the club, Biden must have had the owner’s permission. If that’s true, why? Was it a payoff? We just don’t know.

From The Gateway Pundit

“There was a smell of burning Styrofoam in the VIP room. We told him nothing illegal can go on here,” Ritter said. “We didn’t see anything illegal. After he was spoken to, the smell stopped.”

“VIP employees suspected it was crack,” he added.

Page Six reports that the incident took place at the time that Hunter was a board member of the Ukrainian natural-gas company Burisma, making as much as $50,000 a month.

“Workers at Archibald’s, located about three blocks north of the White House, said Biden was a regular there, with two bartenders and a security worker all instantly recognizing his photo and one worker identifying him by name,” the report states.

Ritter explained that Hunter spent “thousands and thousands of dollars in the Archibald’s VIP rooms,” and paid with “credit cards that didn’t have his name on it.”

While the club usually only allows credit cards that match a guest’s identification card, they made an exception for the former Vice President’s son.

“Whenever he was in town he came in for two days in a row, disappeared and come back a month later,” Ritter said.