BREAKING: HR McMaster Quits; Will Be Replaced By John Bolton

H R Puffenstuff McMaster has resigned although not necessarily of his own volition. President Trump wasted no time in replacing him with pit bull John Bolton.

This is like replacing Johnny from the tee ball league with Babe Ruth.

One of the biggest mistakes President Trump has made in his first year+ is hiring people who thought he was making them President and they felt free to publicly announce a policy diametrically opposed to the president and McMaster was the worst one of them all, followed closely by Tillerson.

John Bolton on the other hand, supports the president and you don’t have to worry about the Deep State intimidating him. He made his reputation on being tough on those who oppose him and he will be an effective fighter for Trump and a source of well thought out actions that may need to be taken to keep the country safe.

McMaster is suspected of leaking the memo calling for the president to not congratulate Putin on winning reelection. There were only a couple of people who knew about it and McMaster was one of them.

No such fear of Bolton doing that at all. McMaster has been suspected of doing the same in the past and recently there were rumors that Trump would fire him.

“Remember who told you this first”


From The Weekly Standard

Long before John Bolton was named Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser, the president often trusted the Fox News contributor over his own national security team. On July 17, when President Trump reversed himself at the last minute on his plan to recertify the Iran deal, it was thanks to an op-ed from John Bolton.

As Trump was hitting the Congress-imposed deadline, he reluctantly agreed to recertify the deal, despite his own gut feeling that the United States should get out of the deal.

Steve Bannon, then one of the few opponents of recertification in the senior White House staff, gave Trump an article Bolton had published the previous day, which had the headline “Trump Must Withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal—Now.” The hawkish former U.N. ambassador urged Trump to ignore the advice of nearly all of his national security advisers and relevant Cabinet members.

With hours before the announcement, Trump decided he would no longer recertify the deal.

I welcome the change and so should you, but expect to hear a lot of howling from liberals, which is always a sign that you are doing the right thing.