BREAKING! Attorney says Michael Cohen did secret legal work for Sean Hannity

During the whole Cohen debacle, which really shouldn’t even exist right? it was revealed that Trump’s personal attorney has had 10 clients in his own practice since 2017, named among them is, of course, Trump and GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy.

Now, it seems, that some “secret’ legal work was also done for Sean Hannity.

Given Cohen’s reputation as a “fixer” — what exactly did Hannity need fixing? And perhaps more important… where’s the Russian collusion? Muller’s investigation is all about that, right? So how does this “startling” revelation about a Cohen / Hannity professional relationship help or prove Russian collusion or even obstruction of justice?

The revelation was revealed today by Cohen’s own attorney, “The third legal client directed Mr. Cohen to not to reveal the identity publicly,” Cohen’s lawyers wrote.

From Politico:

Cohen’s attorneys said he had three legal clients in the past year, including Trump, former Republican National Committee finance co-chair Broidy, and a third person who “indicated that they did not authorize their name to be publicly filed in connection with this matter and directed Mr. Cohen to appeal any order to disclose their name.”

For the seven other clients, who Cohen’s attorneys also did not name, “the work appears to be providing strategic advice and business consulting,” his lawyers wrote in a filing made public Monday.

Cohen is scheduled to appear later Monday at a hearing to determine whether a judge will allow federal prosecutors to sift through materials the FBI seized from his home and office in a series of high-profile raids last week.

In an extraordinary showdown between a sitting president and his own Justice Department, Trump’s attorneys have demanded to look at any materials relating to the president to consider whether they should be protected by attorney-client privilege. Federal prosecutors on Monday all but accused the president of seeking special treatment and urged the judge, Kimba Wood of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, to reject the unusual bid.

Cohen has come under scrutiny since he acknowledged paying $130,000 to adult film actress Stormy Daniels — who arrived at the court ahead of the hearing Monday — shortly before the 2016 election in exchange for her agreement to keep quiet about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump years earlier. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Cohen also negotiated a deal in 2017 to pay $1.6 million to a woman who said Broidy impregnated her.