BOMBSHELL REPORT: Steele Approached FBI on The Same Day Hillary Was Exonerated

In what could be one of the biggest coincidences in history will probably be a well-planned attack on candidate Trump.

The coincidence would be that on the same day that Comey exonerated Hillary, Christopher Steele met with the FBI to discuss the Hillary dossier. The reason I say it was well planned is that so many people were seeing red over the exoneration, the FBI needed a distraction and a phony investigation was just what they needed. Remember that both events occurred on July 5th, 2016. Keep that date in mind.

On Friday the FISA memo was released and the memo made the claim that the driving factor in getting the FISA warrant to spy on Trump was the Hillary dossier. Adam Schiff hinted later that the investigation was the result of a drunken conversation between minor campaign worker Papadopoulos and the Australian ambassador.

One major problem. The Australian ambassador met with the FBI after Wikileaks posted the DNC  emails on July 22nd, 2016, over two weeks after the FBI met with Steele. Secondly, the Hillary dossier was listed on the FISA application which never even mentioned Papadopoulos.

From The Gateway Pundit

Adam Schiff is being very deceptive in his response to the president. Papadopoulos wasn’t even discussing the Podesta emails which were blasted out to the public via WikiLeaks in July of 2016. Papadopoulos was discussing Hillary’s ‘missing’ emails in April of 2016, A MONTH before the Podesta emails were given to WikiLeaks. These ‘Hillary emails’ are completely separate from the Podesta DNC emails.

John Solomon of The Hill reported this bombshell news:

Republican investigators say they have evidence that Steele first approached the FBI with his allegations on July 5, 2016, the same day then-FBI Director James Comey announced he would not pursue criminal charges against Clinton for passing more than 100 classified documents through her private email server.

The Democrats have been unhinged ever since they first heard that the FISA memo would be declassified and made public. What you should expect from here on out is lies, lies and more lies from the Democrats because the truth is liberal Kryptonite.

It’s important for you to remember stories like this one when your liberal friends try out the Democratic talking points at you.