BLM, New Black Panthers and Al Sharpton Rush to Defend Anti-Semite

It’s okay to be a bigot in the United States as long as you hate the right people. At the same time that the lamestream press, the CBC, the New Black Panthers, Democrats, BLM  and Al Sharpton decry racism in America, they rush to defend a man who has said all whites must die and that all Jews are Satanic, Screwy Louis Farrakhan.

These racists and racist organizations then have the gall to accuse the president and all Republicans racist, I guess we can toss MSNBC in the mix since they allow Sharpton to be as racist as he wants to be free from any constraint.

Maybe they aren’t beating the whites and Jews but they are holding the coat of their employee who does.

Rep. Todd Rokita (R) IN has put together a resolution condemning the hate speech of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the equally racist, Nation of Islam. On Monday, the aforementioned groups will hold a protest against that resolution. How can anyone ever take any of the people or groups seriously after that? What if a Republican said all blacks must die or that the entire Islamic religion is Satanic?

The hue and cry could be heard for miles and miles. Yet, black supremacists like Farrakhan is to be respected and loved. Four members of the Congressional Black Caucus refuse to condemn Farrakhan for his racism, including Maxine Waters,

From The Daily Caller

More than 100 organizers “will go office-to-office to deal with the GOP representatives that are leading this campaign, in specific Congressman Todd Rokita,” according to the press release.

“The lobbyist [sic] will visit members of the Congressional Black Caucus who are under pressure to condemn Minister Farrakhan though the Congressional Black Caucus has yet to muster enough strength to introduce a resolution condemning that he repeated, vile and foul bigoted and reckless comments by President Donald Trump.”

“The coalition will be lobbying key members of Congress-the GOP in particular-to condemn President Donald J. Trump and to leave Louis Farrakhan alone. Please do not try to stop us because we will not turn back. We will represent professionally and politically vigorously,” the press release said.

Black Lawyers for Justice president Malik Zulu Shabazz said:

“We cannot allow a politically hypocritical political situation to exist whereas an openly racist president, Donald Trump is given a free pass and to spew racist venom and racist policies by a confederate based GOP; and then they have the gall to issue an official legislative condemnation of a private citizen and Black leader who is dearly beloved by the masses.”

They have to twist the president’s words to make him look racist but someone who is openly racist as Farrakhan is, gets a pass.

Surely no one takes them seriously?