Benghazi Hero Drops Nuclear Bomb on McCabe and the FBI

Did you know the Obama administration tried to make the case to send Benghazi hero  Kris “Tanto” Paronto to prison for his heroics in Benghazi?

That’s unbelievable, yet not surprising.

Paronto says that he and his crew that was badly outnumbered in Benghazi were accused of using excessive force. The man is a hero and an American legend and this is how they tried to repay him?

“By the way, as you’re on your way out I want to thank you, James and your @HillaryClinton supporting hacks at the @FBI for trying to pin excessive force use on myself and my team after coming home from Benghazi. You all are the worst scum of human. @Comey ??#SorryNotSorry

Paronto had started his tweet storm aimed at dirty cop Andrew McCabe who said he was being slandered by Trump in order to destroy his credibility. What credibility? he has destroyed his own credibility by exonerating Hillary after Hillary’s bag man gave McCabe’s wife over $700,000. He lied to the press. He lied repeatedly to Congress and he signed off on FISA warrants he knew to be false. What credibility does he have?

“Slander the @FBI and Law Enforcement?! You’ve got to be shitting me Andy. You , James and your @BarackObama appointed syndicate brought nothing but lies, politics, corruption&disgrace to a once great FBI. @Comey #AndrewMcCabe #LockThemUp

Paronto had some choice words for even dirtier cop James Comey:

“Still beating your “honorable” drum James?? ??.Yea, because your words hold so much truth after lying continually&protecting the criminal @HillaryClinton ? . Say what you want, I won’t believe a word of it. You have zero integrity which you earned.”

“Showing your true partisan colors that you took into the @CIA , a govt organization that should be politically neutral. Being nominated by @BarackObama though it should come as no surprise ??. You put #politicsbeforepatriots

Kris Paronto has more integrity in the tip of his little finger than McCabe, Comey, Obama, and Brennan have in their whole collective bodies.