Appeals Court Tosses Suit Seeking to End Voter Fraud Commission

The  U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, one of the most liberal courts in the land has tossed a suit by liberals seeking to shut down the investigation into voter fraud. The court ruled that Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is not a voter and therefore lacks standing to sue over the commission’s work. The court did not rule on the merits of the case. If they had and they were honest, they still would have ruled that EPIC lost the case. The commission isn’t gathering confidential information, they are seeking information that is public in nature and therefore available to anyone.

That information can be used to detect voter fraud. That is the real reason liberals are opposed to it. For instance, the state voting records can be compared to that in other states to reveal if people are voting in two different states. It can also be used in case someone votes multiple times in the same state. The easiest way for Democrats to cheat in elections is through absentee balloting and same day registrations. Both are used without verifying that the person voting is who they say they are or that they are eligible to vote.

From Fox News

EPIC “has suffered no informational or organizational injury from the defendants’ attempt to collect voter data without first producing an assessment,” Williams wrote

The privacy-rights group had sought to sue Trump’s controversial “election integrity” commission, alleging the panel violated federal law by gathering massive amounts of information on the country’s registered voters.

Several privacy watchdogs have spoken out against the panel and have questioned whether the information gathered would be kept safe from hackers. They also raised concerns that the data could be used for nefarious political purposes like voter suppression.

There have been calls for the resignation of Chris Kobach, the vice chairman of the committee under chairman Mike Pence. The calls come from the usual suspects, including Reps. Elijah Cummings, D-Md.; John Conyers, Jr., D-Mich.; Bennie Thompson, D-Miss.; and Robert Brady, D-Pa. It seems that some of these representatives have problems of their own.

Rep John Conyers has since resigned from the House over multiple sexual harassment complaints. He then recommended his wife beating son to take his place. Elijah Cummings asked Lois Lerner and the IRS for confidential taxpayer information and received it at his office, a direct violation of privacy laws. Robert Brady stands accused of paying a primary challenger to drop out of the race. 

Bennie Thompson is also on the ethics watch list. From The Washington Examiner:

The House Homeland Security Committee raised some eyebrows earlier this summer when it tried to regulate credit card companies — actions seemingly outside the committee’s legislative purview. Staffers for the Committee Chair, Rep. Bennie Thompson, apparently suspected it was an attempt by the congressman to squeeze political donations out of credit card companies, spurring an investigation by the House ethics committee. The concerned staffers have even begun speaking to theWashington Post:

Now the House ethics committee is investigating the propriety of the committee’s operations, and whether its members’ interactions with companies compromised its work. Within a few weeks of the hearing, Thompson collected $15,000 in donations from the credit card industry and its Washington-based lobbyists, a Washington Post analysis shows. No legislation on card security has been introduced.

In poker, this is what we refer to as four of a kind.They are the last people I would listen to moralizing about ethics.