An Interesting Fact About All Immigrants Currently In Federal Prison

Debra Sweet/ Flickr / CC.20

A new report from the Trump administration found that 92% of all immigrants in federal prisons are illegals and furthermore, 94% of all immigrants in federal prisons or in the custody of the US Marshal’s office came to this country illegally.

That means that the number of crimes committed by illegal aliens is far above their percentage of the country’s population. AG Sessions noted that every crime committed by illegal aliens. He said that one victim is one too many.

Not surprisingly liberal Democrats do their best to keep these criminals from being deported.

From Fox News

By the end of the 2017 fiscal year, 58,766 known or suspect foreign nationals were imprisoned in the United States.

Newly-confirmed Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen added that the report highlights “that more must be done,” and added the department “will continue to pursue President Trump’s immigration priorities.”

The report did not include information on incarcerations in state prisons or local jails. “State and local facilities do not routinely provide DHS or DOJ with comprehensive information about their inmates and detainees—which account for approximately 90 percent of the total U.S. incarcerated population,” the report said.

This past October, President Trump laid out some changes he wanted to make to our immigration program. They include chain migration that allows legal immigrants to bring in an unlimited number of relatives.

It was found that for every immigrant couple, they brought in an addition 7 immigrants. The diversity lottery is a program that the president also wants to eliminate.

He also wants to cut legal immigration in half and switch to a merit-based system that would prioritize people with skills that we are short on especially doctors and nurses.

Bringing in unskilled laborers do not help the country and it hurts young Americans looking for an entry-level position, especially black youths.