AMAZINGLY STUPID: David Hogg Wants YOU To Boycott Florida Vacations

You don’t have to be a total imbecile to be a liberal, but David Hogg proves it doesn’t hurt.

The son of a former Deep State FBI agent, who claims it’s Trump’s fault that the FBI totally screwed up investigating the solid leads they got on Nikolas Crux, is now telling college students to boycott Florida and to go to Puerto Rico for spring break.

Right. It makes a lot of sense to go to Puerto Rico, where it’s crumbling electric grid can leave you in the dark for the entire week. But don’t get me wrong, Hogg is not the biggest moron in the world. No, that title belongs to anyone who listens to this idiot.

But it gets worse once you consider what he is advocating. The bartenders and waitresses and waiters depend on spring break for a large percentage of their yearly earnings, not to mention the hotels and the people who work there. He is saying that because the Broward County Sheriff totally screwed up the attack in Parkland that tens of thousands of poor and middle-class Floridians should suffer.

I’m thinking of starting a Go Fund Me page to raise money in order to purchase a functioning brain for this nimrod.

I’ll tell you what will be fun though. He is too dense to learn from history. He thinks he’s the darling of the liberals. Just like the woman from Code Pink. Do you even remember her name? I know I don’t. No one will remember Hogg’s name once the liberals decide they rode him as far as they could. After all, he’s not one of them, he is only a tool they use until he’s no longer needed or is no longer effective.

That day may come sooner than expected if workers in Florida suffer as a result of his rantings.

“Let’s make a deal DO NOT come to Florida for spring break unless gun legislation is passed. These politions won’t listen to us so maybe the’ll listen to the billion dollar tourism industry in FL. #neveragain

“Better Idea: Spend your spring break in Puerto Rico, it’s a beautiful place with amazing people. They could really use the economic support that the government has failed to provide. #SpringBreak2018 #SBinPurtoRico #itsspelled PUERTO RICO”


Only 75% of Puerto Rico’s hotels are open and 15% of the island is still without electricity and there are rolling blackouts in the other 85% and residents are still dependent on charities for food and water.

Sounds like a perfect vacation spot for spoiled college kids.