Alleged Antifa Member Attempts to Block Road, Smash Someone’s SUV …Pays a Heavy Price [VIDEO]

He was a fearsome sight. A mask over his face, a steel rod in his hand and a pink Dora the Explorer backpack covering the yellow streak running down his back. He rushed out into the street and blocked a SUV trying to make his way past him. He negan edging forward slowly, trying to get past the  lone protester. Once he got by the thug hit his SUV with his metal bar. That was a mistake.

The driver hopped out of his vehicle and put the man on the ground and he started beating him like a drum and every time he tried to get up the driver would kick him right back down. He must have thought about his actions and would have been kicking his own butt if he could reach it. Another car came by and stopped to see if the thug was okay. The driver of the SUV got back into his vehicle and drove away The  antifa member will remember their credo after his experience, “never attack until you have a 20 to 1 advantage.”

From The Blaze

When the video begins, the agitator and the man can be seen already caught up in a heated exchange, with the agitator shouting at the man as he returned to his vehicle.

The agitator then continued to block the road before the man exited his SUV a second time to forcibly shove the agitator out of the way.

The man can be heard shouting expletive-laden demands at the agitator instructing him to get out of the road and never touch his rig again.

Blocking roads, disrupting traffic, and carrying bludgeoning weapons has been the modus operandi of Antifa members over the last several years.

Just recently, an Antifa protester was arrested for allegedly smashing a car with a metal baton during last year’s riotous protests in Portland, Oregon, while another Portland protester was sentenced to nearly six years in prison for clobbering a man in the head with a baton.