AG Jeffrey Sessions Orders an Investigation Into FBI’s Handling of Uranium One Bribery Case

Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General has ordered the Justice Department to review the Uranium One case that was covered up by the head of the FBI and current persecutor Robert Mueller. FBI agents will be interviewed by the DOJ prosecutors and they will be required to answer questions about the investigation and why the documents were buried. One hundred and forty five million dollars was paid to the Clinton Foundation after the deal was approved. The investigation turned up the fact that Russian operatives had been offering bribes to get the approval. The result of this investigation could result in a new special counsel.

The first thing you need to know that there are nine votes on a transaction such as this and each one is required to confirm the deal by stating there are no national security issues with the sale. The question I would have is how is Russia acquiring twenty percent of all uranium we mine in the United States not a national security issue since Iran is one of Russia’s biggest customers? It seems like someone should have stood up and said this is a huge mistake. Well, actually someone did. Sen John Barrasso (R) Wy did. He said that the deal would “give the Russian government control over a sizable portion of America’s uranium production capacity.”

From John Solomon, The Hill via the Hannity Show

This is an email that the FBI has had for six years. It shows that uranium one was part of a Russia strategy to control, not just benefit from the global market, controlled the global market. That would put the United States at a disadvantage. That is the sort of evidence that this FBI informant has right now. If you go back on the last week we heard several things from the Justice Department, there’s no connection to uranium one. This are emails that say uranium one that are in the FBI files. They said that there was no connection between the uranium one case and the criminal case. We now know the criminal case got its first evidence in 2009, a whole year before the uranium one deal was approved by the Obama administration. There are a lot of things that people have been saying that these documents simply don’t agree with.

I think the place we will be talking about in the next couple weeks as the Clinton global initiative. Sort of a side project of the Clinton foundation. There are new flows of money there that we will report on then the next couple of weeks. There were also some personal business projects, some very senior Clinton people that got a remarkable infusion of cash from Russia. It will be able to talk about that in the next couple of weeks. Another layer of interest of the story.

Will everybody be as eager for a special counsel on this, where there is a ton of evidence as they were for the Trump dossier, which has been proven to be fake? Time will tell.