Woman Shares Her Heartbreaking Story With President Trump Then Does The Unexpected

Credit: Gage Skidmore

President Trump was in Ohio to speak about his tax reform bill, when a woman who is named Sharlene Thornton tells what the tax cut did for their family after suffering badly during the Obama years.  Her story is heartbreaking but it has a happy ending thanks to Trump.

Her Story:

“My husband, Kevin, was–he worked in the steel mill, and it closed down in 2012 due to the company going bankrupt. So he was then–there were a lot of people who actually lost their jobs at that time. Our whole area was saturated with unemployed, and then he spent the next 1 1/2 years retraining, and then at the same time searching for a job.”

“Fortunately, I was employed for one of those years. The first year of it. I then became legally blind and could no longer work, couldn’t drive. And we have no transportation, public, in our area.”
“Also, so essentially what happened was we fell on such hard times that we had to surrender a car to be repossessed. We almost lost our home, and then we struggled every day to make ends meet. We basically lived off of my credit cards and both of our unemployment, which still wasn’t enough to cover. Finally, he found a job, January of 2014. He’s still with them. But because of the tax cut and the job plan, they’re taking out a lot less taxes then what they had been prior to before. We have actually seen in several checks $200 to $300 less taxes than what they did before the plan.”

That doesn’t sound like crumbs to me. I am sure there are a lot more stories like that out there and you know they will go to the polls and pull the lever for the Republican candidate.

Obama’s new reality is now gone and Trump’s economy is heating up with unemployment now at 3.9% and unemployment rates for Hispanics and Blacks at historic lows. Winning is becoming contagious.