Trump’s Latest Economic Numbers PROVE Hillary Wrong Yet Again!

If it’s one thing Democratic prognosticators are consistent about, it’s being wrong. Remember before the election and even after it, when all the pundits like NYT writer Paul Krugman (Former ENRON economic adviser) predicted a stock market crash with no recovery if Trump were elected?

This proves one thing. Those who can do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t do or teach writes for the New York Times.

The market on the day Trump took office: Dow: 19,827.25, +94.85, (+0.48%) – S&P 500: 2,271.31, +7.62, (+0.34%) – Nasdaq: 5,555.33, +15.25, (+0.28%)

The market today: Dow: 24,635.21 – S&P 500: 2734.62 – NASDAQ: 7554.33

(These numbers were accurate at the time of writing this article)

And that’s in just about 15 months. The Atlanta FED has predicted a GDP increase of 4.8 in the second quarter and the unemployment rate is just 3.8%. And instead of losing 3.5 million jobs in 4 years, we have gained 3 million jobs in just 15 months and the economy looks like it is unstoppable. The best part is even though the Trump tax plan was the biggest tax cut in history, we also had the highest intake of tax revenue in history. The Democrats predicted just the opposite.

From Fox News

Remember what he said way back on Election Day? Quote, “It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump. And markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover? A first-pass answer is never.” That’s pretty awesome for a garden gnome.

But he’s no garden gnome. He’s a Nobel Prize-winning economist. A garden gnome could run circles around this bearded butthead. And every time he gets it wrong, he gets a raise. So he must be loaded now, as the stock market broke 23,000 and filings for unemployment benefits plunged to the lowest level since 1973.

So will Paulie admit how wrong he was? I doubt it. Look at him. Put simply, so many would rather see the economy crash than admit Trump’s made it great. Just like those who’d rather ignore the defeat of ISIS than admit Trump’s direct approach worked. Or that his straight talk on North Korea has finally gotten China to act.

From The Conservative Tribune:

CNBC reported that the jobs report revealed a total of 223,000 nonfarm payroll jobs had been added over the past month, and the unemployment rate had dropped to 3.8 percent — the lowest since April 2000. These numbers beat estimates of only 188,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate holding steady at 3.9 percent.

Contrast that good news with the dire predictions offered up in 2016 by countless economic analysts and “experts,” who warned that Donald Trump’s tax, trade and regulatory policies would result in a horrendous economic downturn, potentially on par with the “Great Depression” of the 1930s.

Now, tell me the truth, just how glad are you that Hillary lost?