Touching Easter Tribute From A Great President Is EXACTLY What This Country Needs To Hear

Ronald Reagan has often been called the Great Communicator because he had a knack of speaking in a way that everyone could understand because he communicated love and hope and not the hate and fear that liberals like Obama use.

So it was in 1983 when Reagan did his weekly broadcast he conveyed a message that is as true today as it was back then.

Here are some excerpts from that speech followed by the complete video:

“This week Jewish families and friends have been celebrating Passover, a tradition rich in symbolism and meaning. Its observance reminds all of us that the struggle for freedom and the battle against oppression waged by Jews since ancient times is one shared by people everywhere.”

“And Christians have been commemorating the last momentous days leading to the crucifixion of Jesus 1,950 years ago. Tomorrow, as morning spreads around the planet, we’ll celebrate the triumph of life over death, the resurrection of Jesus. Both observances tell of sacrifice and pain but also of hope and triumph.”

Reagan spoke about life behind the Iron Curtain where atheism was mandatory.

“For example, the brave Polish people, despite the oppression of a godless tyranny, still cling to their faith and their belief in freedom. Shortly after Palm Sunday Mass this week, Lech Walesa faced a cheering crowd of workers outside a Gdansk church. He held his hand up in a sign of victory and predicted, ‘The time will come when we will win.’”

“Recently, an East German professor, his wife, and two daughters climbed into a 7-foot rowboat and crossed the freezing, wind-whipped Baltic to escape from tyranny.” 

“Arriving in West Germany after a harrowing seven-hour, 31-mile journey past East German border patrols, the man said he and his family had risked everything so that the children would have the chance to grow up in freedom.”