Reasons Why Your Right Wing Friends Aren’t Caving To Gun Control

Marcus Quigmire / Wikicommons / CC2.0

I, much like the source of this list, have seen numerous friends on my social media accounts (who lean left) call for gun control, gun bans, and so much more. It’s honestly disgusting.

Make no mistake, mass shootings are tragic. I wish they didn’t happen and I don’t care how many socialist countries they post about who total-gun-bans they post about it… mass killings still happen in those countries.

Further, gun deaths are not on the top of the list of causes-for-death in this country… anyway, I digress…

 over at The Federalist came up with a GREAT list of reasons why Conservatives aren’t caving into these demands.

1. We Rarely Get to Come to the Conversation in Good Faith

You may be thinking that the right-wing kneejerk response to assume that progressives just want to confiscate guns is also a denial of coming to the table in good faith. You would be right. However, I suggest assuming progressives just want to ban guns, or some other policy, is not equivalent to thinking, “If you really cared that people died you would agree with me.”

2. The ‘Blood on Their Hands’ Attacks Are Offensive

The constant screaming about the National Rifle Association’s influence means nothing to many of today’s gun owners, but the “blood on their hands” attacks do. The NRA certainly has policy sway on Capitol Hill, but to the average gun owner it’s seen as the first line of defense, not a holy church with Wayne LaPierre as the pope.

3. The Loudest Voices Are Often the Most Ignorant

Whether it is an explosive news story or a late-night show host, journalists and celebrities are pretty ignorant about guns. I can see why the Left constantly feels right-wingers are deflecting the gun debate because we get pedantic at details, constantly correcting things like the inappropriate labeling of “assault rifles.” While this is an extremely emotional issue after a tragedy, it’s also a policy debate.

Check out the rest of her list (h/t) HERE: 6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Coming To Your Side On Gun Control