David Hogg Got Rejected By Some Major Colleges, Now He’s Dissing Them

David Hogg, a student at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, site of a February mass shooting which left 17 people dead in Parkland, Florida, thrusts his fist in the air as he speaks during the "March for Our Lives" event demanding gun control after recent school shootings at a rally in Washington, U.S., March 24, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst - HP1EE3O1CC8FG

David Hogg is racking up college rejections faster than Hillary can rack up excuses for losing the presidency. But, he is not upset because he says “Amazing people don’t get into college.”

Might I suggest he apply to the Bozo Clown College? He’d be a cinch for valedictorian. He has been turned down by UCLA and UC San Diego. He has been accepted by South Florida Barber College and the University of Phoenix, whose campus is in the alley in back of the local deli. The university is on the second floor.

He says he’s not worried about college because he is changing the world. So, he is amazing and is saving the world and no college wants him?

Actually, I’m not surprised. Considering how he gets his facts totally wrong on a very consistent basis it’s obvious that he isn’t a student but an echo chamber repeating what he hears around the CNN water fountain.

He made Dana Loesch the CEO of the NRA on the Brian Stelter show.

Hogg said:

 “It’s not been too great for me and some of the other members of the movement, like Ryan Deitsch. We got rejected from UCLA … and UCSD, so it’s been kind of annoying having to deal with that and everything else that’s been going on.”

From Breitbart

But he made clear that he is not letting the rejections get him down while he is busy “changing the world.”

Moreover, he indicated that the rejections do not really come as a surprise because “amazing people don’t get into college.”

On March 22, Hogg said his high school teachers have been “very understanding” when it comes to his need to skip class for gun control events and appearances. For example, he was supposed to be taking a math test the day before he was interviewed by Axios but he simply said, “Nah.”

You can always become an FBI agent like your father was.