Comparing Child Detention Centers Run By Ice Compared to One Run By Liberals

Peter Schey, executive director of the Center for Human Righst and Constitutional Law, speaks at a news conference to announce they are petitioning the United Nations to intervene to stop California prisons from holding inmates in solitary confinement indefinitely, outside the Reagan State Building in Los Angeles Tuesday, March 20, 2012. About 4,200 inmates are held in isolation in California prisons, and Schey says about 400 are represented in the petition. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Liberals keep lying about children being locked in cages under President Trump when those pictures were actually from the Obama error. And we still hear that today, even though inspections show that the kids all have beds, toiletries, and other necessities.

But, what you don’t hear about is the detention center run by noted liberal, Peter Schey. a leading proponent of open borders. His center has been cited 52 times for such things as “leaks, rusty nails, broken windows, dirty bathrooms, soiled curtains, poorly lighted bedrooms, and hallways, peeling paint and plaster and holes in walls, insufficient food and leaky ceilings.

From The Conservative Tribune

Imagine the fury if the Los Angeles Times reported this about the facility: “Children have been locked out of the home for hours because there was no staff on-site, forcing some to take shelter outside in a broken-down van. And at times, there has not been enough food, former residents said. There was violence between the residents and break-ins, according to former residents and workers.”

“The basement frequently flooded. And the roof often leaked, according to former workers and state inspections. Bed bugs infested residents’ mattresses, cockroaches swarmed the kitchen, and some of the boys used drugs in the home, former residents and workers said.”

The facility is called Casa Libre and it’s in Los Angeles. It’s run by a man named Peter Schey. And the first few paragraphs of the Los Angeles Times’ exposé of the home should tell you everything about why you haven’t heard any outrage or fury regarding the home:

“Los Angeles lawyer Peter Schey has long been a trailblazing courtroom defender of immigrant youth,” the May 22 piece began.