CNN Analyst Takes The Lead In Dumbest Question Contest

Sarah Sanders has to field a lot of dumb questions since she started doing the daily briefings and the contest has been really close between Jim Acosta and April Ryan, but now Acosta will have to step up his game as Ryan hit one out of the park with her latest inquiry.

In fact, her question was so stupid that Sanders had a tough time figuring out what the question actually was. (Sarah, in order to understand questions from the deranged left, you must do what they do when they think them up…Let your mind go blank.)

I’ve made a decision. If I ever need a brain transplant I want Ryan’s. No one wants a brain transplant and I am no different but if I do need one, I want to make sure I get one that’s never been used before. No sense getting one that’s already worn out.

Sanders seemed to have trouble understanding what she was saying but eventually took a stab at it:

“I’m not sure I follow the question.” Sanders then added, “millions of Americans came out and voted for and continue to support this presidency makes him pretty legitimate.”

As for CNN, they seem to have a lock on first and second place.

From The Daily Caller

Ryan, the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks and a CNN political analyst, first asked a perfectly legitimate question about the recent Waffle House shooting, namely if the administration had reached out to hero James Shaw Jr. about visiting the White House and so that his selfless action could be honored by President Trump. Sanders responded that they had reached out to Shaw.

Ryan then launched into a nonsensical follow-up.

“Chaos, hush money, Russia trolls, Facebook, Wikileaks, D.N.C. Hacks, Comey email investigation on the eve of the election, allegations of collusion,” she said, lacking any semblance of basic sentence structure. “Do these issues give support to those who offer questions about the president’s legitimacy?”