You’ll FLIP Out When You Hear About Lynch’s Accomplices In Bank Corruption

Yesterday we published a story on Loretta Lynch letting HSBC off the hook with no criminal charges even though it was the second time they were caught laundering money for Mexican cartels and terrorists.

Digging deeper, we found two people who almost surely aided her in keeping HSBC big shots out of prison. If you think about it logically, you can probably guess the first one. Who leads the investigation? The head of the FBI of course. His name is Robert Mueller. The second one is someone you may have heard of. He served on the board of directors at the time the criminal activity took place and may have faced charges if Lynch weren’t so corrupt. The board member’s name is James Comey. Surprised?

As previously reported by us

Money laundering is a serious crime… It’s even more serious when that money is being laundered for the benefit of Mexican drug cartels and terrorists. And even worse when this is the second time you were caught doing it.

Yet, if you were lucky enough to draw Loretta Lynch as the US Attorney handling the case, don’t be surprised if you get off scot-free. HSBC laundered at least hundreds of millions of dollars by creating fake accounts and then shuffling the money through these fake accounts until the money is essentially lost.

Cartels and terrorists love it because not only do they get the money laundered but in most cases no income tax is paid on it. The case which took place in 2012 was no HSBC’s first rodeo. They had been caught a few years earlier doing the exact same thing. The first offense you might see no one being prosecuted but the second time… Not so much.

Lynch, Mueller, and Comey have known each other for years and have worked many scams together such as the HSBC scandal, the Hillary email scandal and let’s not forget the Russian collusion hoax. Why have they never been forced to pay for these scams against all Americans?

Is it Democratic privilege? Don’t bother to answer, that was a rhetorical question.