Trump Says We Need a Wall Just like Obama Built Around His House

Barack Obama is constantly telling the world that we do not need a wall on our border and that walls don’t work. One memorable time he said that was when he met with Angela Merkel. Ironically, at that very moment workers were busy building a wall around his house.

Why would he do that if walls don’t work? Fully one-third of the countries in the world have built or are in the process of building walls along their border. Nancy Pelosi has a wall around her house, too. Protection for me but not for thee.

From The Gateway Pundit

Democrats love to lecture on the morality of walls — But they ALL have big walls around their huge mansions.

In May 2017 former President met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and took a potshot at President Trump.
Obama told his German audience:

“In this new world that we live in, we can’t isolate ourselves. We can’t hide behind a wall.“

Meanwhile, back in Washington DC, workers were completing work on Barack Obama’s wall around his home.

On Sunday President Trump agreed with “President and Mrs. Obama” that a wall is needed on the southern border just like on his mansion!

If walls don’t work, why is it that Democrats are willing to pay out a small fortune to build one around their houses. Furthermore, why would they build it in the first place? To keep out the criminals they let into the country by the millions. And their victims are people who cannot afford to build a wall.