Transgender Activist Women’s March Leader Indicted for Theft

Not all Women’s March leaders are anti-Semites, some are just plain ordinary thieves. Rebekah Katherine Brewis was one of the founders of a Women’s March protest against President Donald Trump.

Brewis, who is transgender and an activist has been charged with three counts of theft and two counts of felony computer crime. Brewis, who self identifies as a law-abiding citizen claims that the charges are false. Brewis struck a deal with the Women’s March take the donations through her group, which was supposed to be a tax-exempt organization and then would turn over the money from tee shirt sales and donations to the Women’s March.

She never did and now they want their money.

From The Blaze

Brewis lead an organization named PDX Trans Pride that had a fiscal relationship with the Women’s March so that they could receive tax-free donations. Later, she was accused of stealing money that had been gathered from t-shirt sales and other donations.

However, an investigation from the Oregonian concluded that PDX Trans Pride was not registered as a charity to accept tax-free donations.

A jury indicted her on three charges of first degree aggravated theft and two charges of felony computer crime.

Brewis has denied the allegations, saying simply, “The allegations are absolutely unfounded.”

The PDX Trans Pride official Twitter account has made their account private.

She had previously been convicted of robbery in 2000 and sentenced to 70 months in prison, according to the Oregonian. She was known as Jorey Brewis at that time.