The Timing of the Halper Hiring Tells it All

It is bizarre enough that the Obama administration placed a spy in the Trump campaign while denying it was anything political, backed by propaganda from the New York Times and WaPo, but what makes that theory unpalatable is the timing.

Halper was hired at a huge salary to spy on Trump right after polling showed that Trump had closed within one point of Clinton. That makes it obvious that the hiring was done to destroy Trump’s chances. The liberals made one huge mistake. They assumed that because they themselves were so corrupt, that everyone was. They were sure that they would catch Trump in a crime, but it never happened.

From The Conservative Tribune 

To follow the news in 2016 was to be inundated with stories of the budding “bromance” between GOP wolverine Trump and former Soviet KGB agent Vladimir Putin. With the Putin millstone chained to Trump’s neck, Deep State and the left thought he would sink unceremoniously to the bottom of the Potomac.

But drowning a wolverine isn’t as easy as they thought.

Unlike every other GOP politician in the history other than Ronald Reagan, Trump refused to back down. As Deep State’s bromance narrative failed, they changed tactics. Toothless, hypocritical innuendo wouldn’t work, so it was time to take the story to the next level. How better to do that than by tapping an old CIA spook — one who allegedly leaked info during at least one other presidential election — and insinuate him into the Trump campaign?

Former Trump aide Michael Caputo is now reporting that the administration had a second spy, who had approached him. He said he could not reveal the details until his lawyer gives him the clearance to name the second spy. The plot thickens and we are getting more and more information daily. I must admit, it’s scary to see how much political power was brought to bear against President Trump. Fortunately, the voters knew who they could trust.