Students Call Trump’s Immigration Remarks Racist, Then Find out Who Really Said Them

If you ever wonder just how intelligent today’s college students really are, go to any campus and try this technique used by Campus Reform.

It proves that they are not taught but rather programmed and you know the old adage about computer programming, garbage in, garbage out. That sums it up about as well as it can be defined in my opinion. The questioner gives the students three remarks, he claims came from Trump.

The students then give the programmed response that Trump is racist and hateful. Then they are told which Democrat actually said it. They can’t believe it because they weren’t programmed for the truth.

From The Conservative Tribune

It has become readily apparent over the past few years that much of the staunch, knee-jerk opposition to President Donald Trump isn’t really based so much on what he says or does, but rather on opposition to him as a person because of how he’s portrayed by the hateful and biased media.

Case in point is the debate over illegal immigration and border security, where those on the left adamantly oppose everything Trump suggests as a solution, even as the exact same solutions have been proposed by prominent Democrats over the past 10 years or so.

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips recently traveled to American University in Washington, D.C., to prove this point by reading to students several statements about the topics that he attributed to Trump, only to then reveal that they had been uttered by Democrats after the students’ initial reactions.

To say those students were stunned into speechlessness as they grappled with the intrusion of reality into their carefully constructed cognitive dissonance would be an understatement.