Senator-Elect Josh Hawley is Calling for Investigation into Twitter Bias

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Twitter is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic party and is a huge threat to the democracy of this country. They have done more to undermine the elections in this country that the Russians could ever hope to do.

Conservative Laura Loomer was recently banned for life for telling the truth. She said that Ilhan Omar supports Sharia Law. She absolutely does and says so herself. Then Loomer listed some of the tenets of Sharia Law as they pertain to gays and women. Also true.

She was banned for hateful speech. Yet, Louis Farrakhan can post nasty messages about Jews and his hatred for him and he gets a pass.

From Breitbart News

In a series of tweets, Hawley questioned the truthfulness of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s testimony to Congress earlier this year, in which the Twitter chief insisted that the platform did not enforce its policies in a politically biased way. The new Senator from Missouri also called on Congress to launch further investigations into political bias at Twitter.

Breitbart News has previously documented how Twitter’s recent enforcement system is biased towards the left by default.

Hawley’s comments were sparked by the platform’s recent suspensions of political accounts, including the Canadian feminist Megan Murphy, who critiqued transgender ideology, and Marine Corps combat veteran and former Republican congressional candidate Jesse Kelly.

Hawley went on to call for an investigation into Twitter’s political bias. Hawley also raised a point often made by critics of Silicon Valley’s political bias — that social media companies’ liability from legal responsibility for their users’ content is contingent on them behaving like neutral platforms, not publishers that have editorial oversight over content.