Robert Mueller Requests 150 Blank Subpoenas – Another Cheap Trick Revealed

Robert Mueller, the witch hunter in charge of the bogus Russian investigation, has requested 150 blank subpoenas he can fill out seconds before serving them. We should note that he actually could only serve 75 because one copy goes to the witness and one to the defense.

This is just another cheap trick Muller is fond of using like no-knock warrants and 4 AM raids with which he can scare small children. But his efforts could end up being in vain since federal Judge TS Ellis appears to be on to him. In the first appearance in court, Ellis accused Mueller and his lawyers of trying to use unbridled power, which they don’t have in an effort to get a duly elected president.

Ellis could be ending the witch hunt when the trial reopens. During the last appearance, Ellis demanded an unredacted copy of Rosenstein’s order to special counsel Mueller, which he has received.

There are two strong possibilities here… One is that Mueller has gone beyond the scope of his orders, which is likely. The rumors are that the order says that Mueller can follow any lead that comes from his investigation of Russian collusion. The problem is the charges against Mueller are from an old DOJ investigation of Manafort and not from his investigation, a point Ellis made in the first day of court. Also, the authorization Rosenstein gave Mueller came AFTER he raided Manafort’s home.

The second possibility and one that would permanently end the Mueller investigation is that Rosenstein’s orders violate the Special Counsel Act which states that a specific crime is to be investigated. Ironically, this is something Democrats passed because of the Ken Starr investigation. If his orders do violate the act, the investigation must end immediately.

Judge Ellis’ ruling could end this trial as well if it is ruled the orders were illegal.

From The Washington Examiner

Manafort is due in court Friday in Washington when Judge Amy Berman Jackson will hear arguments from Mueller’s team why she should revoke his bail and jail him due to allegations he sought to tamper with potential witnesses in the case against him.

Last week, Mueller unveiled a superseding indictment against Manafort, charging him with obstruction. Russian businessman Konstantin Kilimnik was also charged with obstruction.

The indictment alleged that Manafort and Kilimnik “knowingly and intentionally attempted to corruptly persuade” two people connected with the Hapsburg Group, a firm Manafort worked with while lobbying for Ukrainian clients “with intent to influence, delay, and prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding.”