North Carolina Democratic Candidate Has Ties With China and Huawei

Huawei, a company with strong ties to the China government, does business with a solar panel company,  Dan McCready founded Double Time Capital, which invested heavily in Strata Solar, a North Carolina-based company.

His company has been doing business with Huawei since 2016 and many voters are concerned about that. McCready is running for a seat in the House. It is actually a do-over after the former candidate broke election law. His opponent is Dan Bishop and he is leading in the polls in a strong Republican district.

This latest revelation will undoubtedly reduce his chances of turning the district blue.

From The Daily Caller

“The politicians have been trying to turn back the clock on energy,” McCready said in 2018 according to Business North Carolina. “It started with bad trade policy in both the Obama and Bush administrations that allowed China to clobber American solar-panel makers. We can do better than that with forward-looking policies.” (RELATED: Trump Echoes Left-Wing Criticism With Latest Attack On Joe Biden)

McCready co-founded solar energy fund Double Time Capital, which invested heavily in Strata Solar, a North Carolina-based company.

What stands out more is that Strata Solar has been working with Huawei since 2016, including buying parts called string inverters. President Donald Trump signed an executive order May 15 to ban technology that could compromise national security — a move many believed was aimed at Huawei. Before that, a bipartisan group of senators urged Trump to crack down on Huwaei “due to concerns with the company’s links to China’s intelligence services” in a February letter.

Details about Strata Solar’s Huawei connection come as McCready tries to find a middle ground on many issues and flip the district, which is holding a special election Sept. 10.

“A good thing is we do have a president who takes extremely seriously the disadvantage that American companies and workers have been put through,” he once told a newspaper according to Fox News.