New Policy Prevents Pennsylvania Police From Arresting Illegals

Pennsylvania has set down an entirely new set of rules for dealing with possible illegal aliens in the state that like other sanctuary states could give criminal illegal aliens a second or third chance to harm residents of the state.

When will Americans get tired of being third class citizens in their own country? The state claims the new policy is the result of pro-immigration groups accusing police of racial profiling.

They will not even be allowed to ask for identification unless they are citing or arresting someone. But, will that apply to everyone or just not to suspected illegals?

From The Daily Caller

If a Pennsylvania state trooper pulls a car over for a traffic violation, that officer can no longer ask for identification solely to check on the suspect’s immigration status. In fact, troopers are barred from arresting any foreign national for simply being an illegal immigrant.

If a trooper does arrest an immigrant, law enforcement is required to inform the suspect of their right to contact the consulate of their home government. Troopers must also now file a comprehensive report about any interaction they have with an immigrant, detailing the reasons for their interaction or detention. The rule is meant to track any patterns of racial profiling by the officer.

Police are still capable of notifying ICE if they believe an individual is undocumented. However, a trooper could only do so after their interaction with a foreign national is over i.e. the person has already driven away after being pulled over for a traffic violation.

The guidelines follow accusations of police wielding unrestricted authority to identify and arrest suspected illegal immigrants.