Mark Meadows Is Back! And Throwing Hard Truths Against The DOJ and FBI

Rep Mark Meadows, leader of the Freedom Caucus, is livid! Several prominent Representatives had demanded all the documents that were being withheld by Friday, but what they got was just a small sampling and unless I miss my guess does not contain any of the documents that would answer most of the questions the investigators are looking for.

Maybe a tidbit or two just to say they gave something up. But the FBI and DOJ did not actually hand over the documents Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats did. The mainstream media was playing it like Republicans had gotten what they asked for. Mark Meadows wasted no time in correcting that . meadows said that the Congress had only gotten a tiny fraction of what they had subpoenaed.

Politico reported:

The FBI turned over thousands of documents to Congress this week, including details about its use of informants to glean information on Russian contacts with President Donald Trump’s campaign, according to letters the bureau sent to three GOP committee chairmen on Friday.

The documents provided this week include details about some of the FBI’s most sensitive programs, including a file on the FBI’s justification to obtain a court-authorized warrant to spy on a former Trump campaign aide in October 2016.

The FBI did not hand over transcripts of summaries of the informants’ (yes, plural) conversations with Trump campaign officials. Instead, the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats was tasked with getting those requested documents to Congress, according to Politico.

“New reports of DOJ/FBI compliance with document requests are NOT accurate. While they have turned over additional documents, the new documents represent a small percentage of what they owe. The notion that DOJ/FBI have been forthcoming with Congress is false.”

And plenty of others chimed in…

“Impeach Rosenstein and drain the swamp in the justice department. Americans have been waiting long enough. Stop playing around and take some bold action! ”

“Why haven’t you moved to impeach RR yet?”

“It’s time to start impeachment proceedings against the higher-ups. They don’t need to get away with this.”

It’s past time to drain the swamp. Impeach one and watch the information flow.