Libs Were Wrong! More Countries Following Trump’s Example In Embassy Move

At least ten more countries are now in talks with Israel officials with the hope to move their own embassies to Jerusalem, according to Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely.

During an interview with Israel Radio, the deputy minister made the comment, though did not name all 10 countries but stated that Guatemala will be moving its own embassy from Tel Aviv.

Of the undisclosed countries, its believed that at least Honduras will move its own embassy as well since they and Israel have some pretty close ties.

Guatemala, Honduras as well as 9 other nations voted “no” along with the United States when the UN assembly attempted to denounce President Trump’s move.

Other countries we know of, who are in talks already, are Paraguay and the Nation of Togo (West Africa). The Czech Republic and Russia have already recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

“Other countries will recognize Jerusalem and announce the relocation of their embassies. A second country did it and I repeat it: there will be others, it’s just the start and it’s important,” Netanyahu said in a statement Monday, according to The Times of Israel, which also quoted Hotovely as saying the ministry was “in contact with at least 10 countries, some of them in Europe.”



While MSM would have you believe that this is a negative move by Donald Trump, we’ve already seen the positive of it coming from other countries. And with others planning to move their own embassies there, it’s just a matter of time before it must be announced and recognized as the capital.

The United Nations attempted to shoot the move down but given that we’re a “permanent member” of the Security Council, we managed to veto it and it was slammed down days later by a 128-9 U.N. General Assembly vote in favor of another resolution calling Trump’s ruling on Jerusalem “null and void.”