Law Enforcement Says Huge Amounts of Meth Crossing From Mexico Into US

Law enforcement authorities say that they have been confiscating large amounts of Meth being smuggled across the Mexican border and that doesn’t include the vast amount of drugs that made it through.

The numbers for 2018 aren’t complete yet but in 2017 there were 347,807 law enforcement meth seizures. That’s an incredible number. That means they were making almost 100 seizures a day but Democrats don’t think that’s an emergency. U.S. meth-related deaths hit 6,762 in 2016.

Perhaps if these drugs were killing illegal aliens, the Democrats would act, but they will not act until it affects their base and not American citizens.

From The Daily Caller

The flood of meth, a popular synthetic drug that is made in labs, has made it much more affordable for U.S. consumers and inflamed the drug overdose crisis currently plaguing the country.

“Everybody’s biggest fear is what’s it going to look like if meth hits us like fentanyl did,” Jon DeLena of DEA’s New England office said to the Wall Street Journal. Access to fentanyl, a dangerously potent synthetic opioid, has led to mass overdoses across the country. Many fear that the increased trafficking of meth could result in similar death rates.

DEA officials are blaming the situation on Mexican drug cartels, which are more aggressively pushing the drug into the U.S. interior as they attempt to rival South American-made cocaine. The synthetic stimulant is now becoming more prevalent in many regions — such as the U.S. Northeast — where meth was more-or-less scarce.

Congress allocated just over $1.37 billion to finance 55 miles of border wall in Texas following gridlock between Democratic and Republican lawmakers. Trump accepted that funding in February, but he then declared a national crisis. The president has since requested an additional $8.6. billion for wall construction.