Immigration is Out of Control and Drugs From Mexico Kills 78,000 a Year, so Democrats Tackle Beach Umbrellas

One thing you can say about liberals is that they really care. About what, I have no idea. In this country, we have an emergency on the border. Human trafficking and the drugs coming in from Mexico kills 78,000 Americans a year.

But Democrats don’t even want to know about that. What are they focusing on? Beach umbrellas. Did you know that in 2016, a woman was killed by a runaway beach umbrella? We must stop these umbrellas before they kill again. You can’t make this stuff up.

Led by Cory Booker the Democrats will make America’s beaches safe from umbrellas once again.

From Breitbart News

The United States is facing daily threats from illegal immigration, outbreaks from once eliminated diseases, and calls from lawmakers to allow children who survive abortion to die, but four Senators on the East Coast — including presidential hopeful Cory Booker — are worried about the threat posed from beach umbrellas.

CBS affiliate WTKR-TV cited one example of a woman, Lottie Belk, who died after being struck by an umbrella in Virginia Beach in 2016, but Sens. Mark Warner (D-VA), vice-chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Robert Menendez (D-NJ), ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations, Tim Kaine (D-VA), Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016, and Democrat presidential candidate Cory Booker (D-NJ) are working to make sure no one else suffers such a fate.

The lawmakers sent a letter to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission asking it to tell them how the issue is being addressed. 

In the letter, they say that over two decades more than 31,000 “umbrella-related” injuries have taken place and asks for more details about the type of umbrella involved in the injuries.

“The scourge of beach umbrellas is not a new phenomenon,” the letter says, citing a woman in New York who received a $200,000 settlement from the state from an injury she incurred in 1999.