GOP Throws Jim Jordan’s Name In The Hat For House Speaker

Conservatives have an answer for the failed policies of leadership in the House and his name is Jim Jordan. For years the Republican leadership in the House and the Senate have been the anti-Tareytons. You may remember their motto, “I’d rather fight than switch.”

Opposed to that is the Paul Ryan/Mitch McConnell motto of “I’d rather switch than fight.” With Jordan, it’s not whether he will fight as much as it is how badly will he bruise the opposition party. Dealing with Jordan will upset liberal sensibilities since they have been used to demanding and receiving anything they want even when they are the minority party.

Jordan is a member of the Freedom Caucus and is widely considered to be a hard-nosed conservative who fights to win not merely survive. He has been a nightmare to witnesses during the many investigations in the House because he does his homework and is always prepared.

Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots told Axios:

“Our supporters want to see Jim Jordan be the Speaker, and they’ve wanted that for several years. We’ve also called for Paul Ryan to step down as Speaker prior to him announcing he would not run for reelection.”

Much to the relief of conservatives everywhere, Paul Ryan announced that he was stepping down as Speaker but insists he will remain through the midterm elections, much to the chagrin of conservatives who see him as a lame duck Speaker, which he is.

From Breitbart News

One Republican Study Committee (RSC) lawmaker told the Hill, “That might be the perfect job for Jim Jordan because of his fighting attitude and his fighting spirit; he doesn’t back down.”

Any Roth, vice president of government affairs at the Club for Growth, said, “Jim Jordan is a proven conservative. One of his fundamental tenets for governing is that you should do what you promised voters you would do. His candidacy to lead the House GOP is refreshing and much needed.”

When asked about the conservative letter urging him to run for Speaker, Jordan said, “The American people want results, and I’m committed to bringing that change. It’s as simple as this — doing what we told the voters we would do.”

What a novel idea and it’s just crazy enough that it might just work.