Glenn Beck Says the Media Drove Him To Do The Unthinkable – This Is STRANGE!

Glenn Beck says that he has reached his limit with the press and if they have done to others what they have done to him, Democrats don’t have a chance in 2018.

Beck says that their daily screeds have finally pushed him over the edge and will force him to do something he swore he would never do. He will vote for President Trump in 2020. Beck, noted for being a NeverTrumper, although since he’s been in office, he has praised him for some things but always he circled around to why he couldn’t support him for reelection.

But Glenn Beck says that the media’s dishonesty over President Trump calling MS-13 gang members animals and then twisting his words to claim he said it about all immigrants was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Beck has repeatedly run down Trump and has called his supporters Nazis has now seen the light but he claims that it was the media and not Trump’s accomplishments that turned him around. And as Beck said, if they could do that to him how many others have turned?

From The Gateway Pundit

Donald Trump won in a landslide. On Thursday Glenn Beck put on a Trump #MAGA hat and endorsed the Republican president.

It took him a year-and-a-half to endorse President Trump. At the end of his confession, Glenn Beck asked forgiveness from Donald Trump. What about his “Nazi” supporters, Glenn?

Not everyone is so happy about this move, given his anti-Trump status in the past. Mark Dice weighed in, saying: “Real smart to come out as a “Trump voter” and at the same time call the MAGA hat “stupid” Wow, You are a moron. Just retire and go away.

Do you question this move at all? I feel like he’s a little too late if his hope is to become relevant once again and maybe he’s smart enough to know that. Maybe it’s sincere? Weigh in using the comments below.