Florida State Senator Proposes Fining Social Media for Censoring Conservatives

Florida State Senator Joe Gruters has proposed a bill that would fine social media starting at $75,000 for the first offense for censoring Republicans. Twitter has been banning conservative content, while allowing violent speech coming from progressive sites.

Politicians need to quit pussy footing around and regulate social media in order to maintain free speech for everyone. His legislation comes just after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted during an interview  that he censored conservatives harshly and progressives not at all. Google and Facebook have been doing the same thing. The IRS should go after them because censoring conservatives is quite a hefty political contribution.

From The Gateway Pundit

Dorsey has also announced that he was “too harsh” in his censorship of right-wing personalities as he let violent calls to action and harassment continue on progressive accounts.

A recent study showed that in nearly two-dozen instances of high-profile permanent suspensions by Twitter of prominent political or social commentators, 99% of those suspensions were directed at conservative or right-leaning accounts.

Facebook has also been exposed by a top-level whistle-blower for “deboosting” and “shadowbanning” conservative and Trump-aligned content, which corroborates a Project Veritas video expose from several months ago released by investigative journalist James O’Keefe.

In recent studies The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and Casssandra Fairbanks were shadowbanned.  Associate Editor Cristina Laila was threatened by Twitter for breaking Pakistani blasphemy laws.  And writer Jacob Engels was banned from Twitter for posting about Muslim rape gangs.

According to Florida Politics, Gruter’s censorship-busting bill would also address shadow-banning.

“His bill prohibits major social media platforms (those with 75 million subscribers or more) from deleting or even disfavoring political or religious speech.

In addition to censorship, it appears to address “shadow-banning,” a method many conservatives believe platforms employ to keep users’ comments out of feeds without kicking them off platforms entirely.

All of this violates constitutional freedoms for Florida users, according to Gruters. “These social media giants don’t need to be taking away a First Amendment right,” he said.”