FACT CHECK: Trump is Right… Border Wall Will Pay for Itself

In last night’s address to the nation, President Trump said the wall will for itself quickly. Is that true? Let’s check the numbers, shall we? President Trump made the claim that over $500 billion in drugs enter the United States each year.

That is true. It is impossible to figure out how much money that would save us, but in lives, we could see a huge dividend if it decreases people dying from overdoses.

But, the cost of illegal aliens crossing our border every day costs US taxpayers $116 billion a year and that’s over four times the cost of the wall and that is a yearly cost. That means the wall could save us as much as the wall costs in 3 to 4 months. Every year, we spend $64 billion on welfare services.

That’s over twice as much as we would spend on the wall every single year.

From Breitbart News

For instance, Trump has only requested only $5.7 billion out of the $25 billion his steel border wall will cost the federal government. Every year, though, American taxpayers are billed more than $116 billion to pay for illegal immigration. The $25 billion border wall would pay for itself in the first four months of its construction should it stop illegal immigration at the border.

Even more cost-effective, Trump’s request for $5.7 billion for a border wall is 20 times less expensive to Americans than the annual burden of paying for mass illegal immigration, wherein hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pour into the country every year to strain public services and welfare.

Another way the Trump administration has presented to make sure American taxpayers see a return on their investment with a border wall is to end all public welfare for illegal aliens. The Center for Immigration Studies finds that doing so would save U.S. taxpayers $64 billion, four times the cost of the border wall, every year.