DOJ Review of Trump Surveillance is ‘Broad in Scope and Multifaceted’

AG Bill Barr and DOJ official Stephen Boyd has informed Jerry Nadler that the investigation into the origin of the Trump campaign spying would be very broad and multifaceted. In other words, they plan on leaving no stone unturned.

AG Barr is still saying that he wants to know if the spying was warranted, but that is just a ploy since the impetus behind the FISA warrant is a bogus document bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

That means there is no way that the investigation was meant for no other reason than to destroy Trump’s chances for the presidency.

From The Daily Caller

Attorney General William Barr’s review of surveillance against the Trump campaign is “broad in scope and multifaceted,” a Justice Department official told Congress on Monday.

In a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, Justice Department official Stephen E. Boyd provided a summary of Barr’s review. Nadler, a New York Democrat, had asked for details of the investigation, which is being led by John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut.

“It is now well established that, in 2016, the U.S. government and others undertook certain intelligence-gathering and investigative steps directed at persons associated with the Trump Campaign,” Boyd wrote Nadler, adding that “there remain open questions relating to the origins of this counter-intelligence investigation and the U.S. and foreign intelligence activities that took place prior to and during that investigation.” 

“The Review is broad in scope and multifaceted, and is intended to illuminate open questions regarding the activities of U.S. and foreign intelligence services as well as non-governmental organizations and individuals,” Boyd wrote.

He did not explain the references to foreign intelligence services or non-governmental organizations. It is known that the Australian and British governments were involved in some degree to the counterintelligence activities against Trump associates. Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, a former British spy, investigated President Donald Trump and his campaign associates on behalf of the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee.