Did Julie Swetnick Change Her Story About Brett Kavanaugh?

Julie Swetnick, who is the third accuser of Brett Kavanaugh, and who hired creepy lawyer Michael Avenatti has backtracked on her story about Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, Previously, she said that Kavanaugh and Judge would spike the punch bowl in order to get women to the point where they could not say no. She claimed she was given Qualuudes or “something similar.” That makes me wonder how she knew what the effects of Qualuudes are. Most innocent girls would say drugs or alcohol, not specifically name the drugs. And then you need to ask if she regularly took them and that’s why she is so familiar with their effects.

Now, she says that she saw the two near the punch bowl but never saw them spike it. That’s a huge difference. She also claimed that Kavanaugh and Judge would participate in gang rapes. Now, she says they were seen hanging out in the hallway near where the rapes took place. Frankly, I think the entire story is nothing but high octane B.S. She claims she was at 10 parties where girls were raped, yet no one ever reported it to the police. What are the odds of that? And if the girls knew rapes were going on at these parties, why did they continue to go to them?

From The Gateway Pundit

“During the years 1981-82 I became aware of efforts by Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh and others to “spike” the “punch” at house parties I attended with drugs and/or grain alcohol so as to cause girls to lose their inhibitions and their ability to say “no,” Swetnick said in paragraph 11 of her sworn statement.

On Monday evening, Julie Swetnick backtracked and said she never saw Brett Kavanaugh “spike” the punch at house parties, rather, Swetnick said she “saw him around the punch containers.”

“I don’t know what he did,” Swetnick told Kate Snow.

Julie Swetnick also changed her story on the gang rape allegation against Mr. Kavanaugh and Mr. Judge saying she only saw them congregated outside of bedrooms.

When MSNBC’s Kate Snow asked Julie Swetnick if the boys being gathered outside of a room meant they were planning to rape girls, Swetnick said “yes.”

“It’s just too coincidental,” Swetnick added.

Then she says she notified the police and told her mother. This is where her story falls apart. Where is the police records of the report? And if it was reported, don’t you think the police would have kept pounding away until the solved the case? Judge Judy always says that if something doesn’t make sense, then it’s not true. Does her story make sense?