Did Christine Ford Have Anything to Gain? You Betcha

The Democrats have been saying that Christine Ford has nothing to gain from lying about Brett Kavanaugh, but is that right? Hardly. First of all, she is a leftist activist, so any defeat of a Trump nominee is a victory to her. Secondly, she is an employee of a company, whose only product is the RU-486 abortion pill. If Roe v Wade is overturned, her company is out of business.

That would cost her mucho dinero. And finally, during the hearings, she plugged the GoFundMe campaigns started in her name. As of Friday, those campaigns had raised nearly three-quarters of a million dollars. Therefore, she had a lot to gain if she brought a false allegation against Kavanaugh.

From The Blaze

“I’m aware that there’s been several GoFundMe sites,” Blasey Ford told Rachel Mitchell, the Arizona prosecutor who was hired by the GOP majority to ask questions at the hearing. “I haven’t had a chance to figure out how to manage those because I’ve never had one.”

She made the statement after Mitchell asked her how she would pay for her polygraph test and other costs associated with her testimony against Kavanaugh.

GoFundMe has more than a dozen fundraisers on the site that mention Blasey Ford by name. The crowdfunding website allows anyone to launch a fundraiser. The top two campaigns alone have brought in a total of nearly $700,000.

So, did she have anything to gain by lying? The numbers say “Hell, yes!”