DHS is Forced to Release 84.5k Aliens Into the Country in Just 2 Months

The DHS has released 84,500 illegal border crossers into the streets under the idiotic catch and release program. The illegals have to promise to show up for court, but they rarely if ever do.

There are currently 1.7 million illegals with pending deportation orders on our streets because we have no idea where they are at. That’s 42,000 a month or would come out to 504,000 in a year. This is unacceptable. We cannot continue to pay for these illegal aliens medical bills, food, cash and everything else they can squeeze out of the US taxpayers.

Illegal aliens cost us at least 116 billion dollars a year. The wall would only cost 25 billion. Do the math.

From Breitbart News

San Antonio, Texas has had to absorb most of these released border crossers and illegal aliens, with about 37,500 being dropped off in the city. Another 24,000 were dropped off in El Paso, Texas, while 14,500 were released in Phoenix, Arizona and 8,500 were released in San Diego, California.

At this rate, DHS is releasing more than 42,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into the country about every month. Should this current Catch and Release rate remain throughout the calendar year, by the end of 2019 DHS will have released more than half a million border crossers and illegal aliens into the U.S.

Federal immigration officials expect the Catch and Release program to be supercharged this year as the Trump administration most recently expanded the program and cut back on ICE detention space.

Current illegal immigration projections predict that aside from the border crossers and illegal aliens who are caught by Border Patrol, then released into the interior of the country, there could be about half a million illegal aliens who successfully cross into the U.S. through the southern border, undetected, this year.