Democratic Senator Slams Own Party: “We don’t have to be radical to be inspiring”

Sen Chris Coons (D) DE slammed his party for their mad dash to the left. He should have seen that coming the moment the DNC put Tom Perez and Keith Ellison in charge. If you put radicals in the lead positions, the entire party is going to be full of radical extremists. Sen Coons pointed out the Abolish ICE movement and the offshoots from that and says they need to be the party of ideas and not of grievances.

You can not be against everything and for nothing. Well, maybe not nothing but the ideas they do have are unworkable, Coon says, such as free healthcare, guaranteeing jobs through the government and the wholesale attack on energy companies. A large segment of the Democratic party will not go for radical ideas such as these.

From The Washington Times

Mr. Coons said he’s worried about the November midterm elections because of “outrageous proposals” put forth by the “Abolish ICE” crowd. He also cited promising free health care, guaranteeing jobs through government and attacking energy companies as examples of radical policy positions that risk alienating voters, U.S. News reported.

“We don’t have to be radical to be inspiring,” he said.

“‘Dump Trump’s immigration policies’ should be every bit as inspiring to folks who are looking to hear that we get it and are going to address this,” he told U.S. News in an interview after his speech. “Abolish ICE is too easily mocked as open borders and no law enforcement. Instead of having something that makes a Twitter hashtag and gets you on Rachel Maddow and fires people up, we need to have something that fires people up and is a policy position we can actually defend.

Coons is absolutely right but the great news is no one will listen to him and they will continue their hard march to the left.