Damaging New Detail In The Ford / Kavanaugh Debacle Comes To Light

Yesterday, it was announced that Christine Ford had taught her friend Monica McLean and how to beat a polygraph test. A former boyfriend swore to the fact he was there when she did. Not only would that make Ford a perjurer, but it could cost McLean her job. There is evidence that McLean was working for the FBI in 2000 and 2008.

If she is still with the FBI, she is legally obligated to come forward with any facts she might have of any criminal behavior, including perjury. It would also be important to know if she was seeking help in beating a lie detector test for the FBI. That would be very serious and could involve charges against Ford if she knew.

The boyfriend, who still remains anonymous, wrote the Judiciary Committee about the relationship:

– Ford never mentioned sexual assault
– Ford never mentioned Kavanaugh
– Ford not scared of confined spaces
– Ford not scared of flying
– Ford knew how to beat polygraph
– Ford cheated on him/committed fraud

From The Gateway Pundit

Monica McLean went to Holton Arms, the same all-girls school Christine Ford attended.

In fact, Monica McLean was one of the 17 women who signed a letter that was sent to Congress on September 17th expressing their support for Ford and opposed Brett Kavanaugh.

As reported by WaPo:

To the United States Congress:

We, of the Holton Arms Class of 1984, are writing on behalf of our friend and classmate, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, to attest to her honesty, integrity, and intelligence; and to contend that her decision to provide information pertaining to a sexual assault is not a partisan act. It is an act of civic duty and the experience she described in her letter needs to be seriously considered. We represent all political parties and we support Christine bringing this matter forward.

The letter concludes with, “We stand with our friend Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and admire her honesty and resolve on behalf of our nation.”

Here are the women who signed the letter:

Allyson Abrams Bergman, Amy Englehardt, Andrea K. Evers, Holly Huelsman Fuller, Sandra Engle Gichner, Daphne Holt, Francine Laden, Monica McLean, Samantha Semerad Guerry, Estela M. Radan, Martha Mispireta Shannon, Lisa Shapiro, Laura Simms Smith, Dana Stewart, M. Sydney Trattner, Virginia White, Stacey Kavounis Wilson

Monica McLean vouched for Christine Ford’s honesty in a letter to Congress on September 17th; now she is being named as a person who can prove Ford lied under oath.