Cory Booker Says Americans Willing to Pay Higher Taxes for Liberal Programs Out of Patriotism

Cory Booker is delusional. He says that Obama is responsible for the booming economy, even though President Trump did exactly the opposite of Obama and the economy took off, while it was in the doldrums for 8 years under Obama.

He was asked about the rather expensive programs the Democrats have proposed and he says the voters are patriotic and are willing to have their income taxes double in order to implement Medicare for All. Whatever he’s smoking, I’ll take three.

And even with doubling all income and corporate taxes will not cover the cost, which by some estimates will cost 38 trillion dollars in just the first ten years.

From The Daily Caller

Anchor Jake Tapper began by asking Booker how he would “make a pitch” to voters when the economy is booming.

Booker initially responded by explaining that, at least in his neighborhood, people weren’t feeling economic improvements. When Tapper pointed out that wage increases and unemployment indices were seeing improvements that were never seen “during the Obama years,” Booker immediately pivoted to give former President Obama credit for the improvements he had just dismissed as negligible.

“I love that Trump is taking credit for a recovery that started under Obama,” he smiled.

Then Tapper pressed him on the fact that most Democrats, including Booker, were pushing policies that would require tax increases. “What’s the counterargument?” he asked.

“We live in a nation with far more patriotism than people are expressing,” Booker replied, going on to argue that patriotism and consideration for fellow citizens would lead Americans to see past their own personal economics to understand that they should be glad for the opportunity to invest in each other.

“This is a moment where across this country, farm towns, factory towns, cities to suburbs, we have so much common pain where Americans are seeing, from the cost of prescription drugs, cost of college, we’re all hurting because we have not designed an economy that invests in each other,” he concluded.

The entire Green New Deal would cost 93trillion and taxing everyone at 100% won’t pay for it.