BRILLIANT: Someone Doxxed the Fake News Groups Including the National Review

High profile NeverTrumpers jumped on the liberal bandwagon with both feet after the original fake news story came out. The deranged left (and right) do not mind destroying kids if they think they can use it against the president.

But turnabout is fair play, although I am against doxing anyone, these kids were the victims of doxing thanks to the fake news perpetrated by The National Review, staff of the defunct Weekly Standard and CNN.

They have received death threats, not only to themselves but also their entire family. And having to read and watch as the NeverTrumpers, Hollywood nimrods and NeverTrump republicans libeled and slandered them.

From The Gateway Pundit

High profile Never-Trump “conservatives” who engaged in the pile on of Covington Catholic High Students have been doxed in response to an article calling them out.

The full list was provided to The Gateway Pundit by an anonymous source.

On Wednesday, a dox containing the names and addresses of people who had trashed the students — and many of their relatives — was uploaded online.

We will not be linking to the document, but it includes Deputy Managing Editor at National Review Nicholas Frankovitch as well as two of his relatives, National Review editor Richard Lowry and four of his relatives, Senior Editor of National Review Jay S. Nordlinger and four of his relatives, National Review opinion columnist Jonah Goldberg and three of his relatives, failed Weekly Standard founder and architect of the Iraq War Bill Kristol and four of his relatives, fake-Republican CNN commentator Ana Navarro, writer Ben Howe and two of his relatives, and political commentator S.E. Cupp.

The document outlines what they said about the children as the leftist smear campaign began.