BOOM! WaPo Admits Trump’s Economy Has Been Good to Women and Minorities

Finally, the opposition is forced to admit that Trump’s economy has been great for women and minorities, two classes of people the Democrats claim President Trump hates.

Yet, the unemployment rates for both Blacks and Latinos are the lowest in history as is the unemployment gap between whites and the Blacks and Latinos. Not only that, but wages have risen dramatically over the past year, with wage increases surpassing inflation for the first time in over a decade. The labor force participation rate has gone way up also.

Why do you think the unemployment rate went up as 312,000 new jobs were created? Because many people who quit looking for jobs under Obama are coming back to the labor force.

From Breitbart News

Van Dam wrote: Minorities and women, especially those in their 20s and early 30s, are returning to the workforce. They’ve been drawn back by rising wages and recruited by employers who may have bypassed them when the supply of unemployed Americans seemed inexhaustible.

Aided by good graphics, Van Dam admitted:

The rate of labor-force participation for prime-age adults (25-54) rose more in the fourth quarter of 2018 than in any quarter since 1994, part of a turnaround that started about three years ago. The rate climbed 1.1 percentage points from the end of 2015, reaching a 12-month average of 82 percent.

The participation rate among working-age women, described by Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta as “particularly strong,” has climbed 1.6 percentage points since December 2015, based on the 12-month average. The equivalent rate for men rose only 0.7 points.