BOOM! DHS Announces 170 Fake Families Separated at the Border

One of the things the president has been saying is that bad guy illegals and asylum seekers grab off children to make it easier to get into the country and to use the kids in the sex trade.

Of course, liberals deny this and claim racism the heartbreak of psoriasis, global warming and a host of other things as they think of them. Don’t laugh, the government once paid for a study that said that global warming caused poor minority women to become prostitutes. Does that mean before global warming prostitutes were all rich white women?

From The Daily Caller

The Department of Homeland Security released data Tuesday about the propensity of illegal immigrants to pose as parents in order to gain easier access into the United States.

According to data from DHS, there has been a 110 percent increase in male adults showing up at the border with children. Further, DHS separated 507 illegal immigrants between April 19 and September 30 because they fraudulently claimed they were part of a family unit.

170 family units were separated because DHS found no familial relation — 139 of the people in those fake families were children. Eighty-seven family units were separated because a person posing as a child turned out to be 18 years or older.

“This well-known loophole acts a magnet for family units and entices smugglers to use children as a way to gain access to the United States by posing a family unit,” DHS said.

According to a report from the Associated Press in 2014, the Obama administration tried to speed up the release of illegal immigrant children from U.S. custody and ended up placing children with “caregivers” with whom the children had no relation.

The caravan used women and children as human shields as they tried to storm the border.