BOOM! Democrats Fight Over Recalled Workers During Shut Down

Democrats are losing their minds over President Trump recalling some federal workers in what they are calling necessary positions. Trump has brought back some IRS workers to process refunds.

He has called in air traffic workers for safety’s sake and he has brought back some workers for the  Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)  to help with seismic testing and the sale of oil leases.

Failing to do so would jeopardize a large amount of money that was paid to the treasury for the oil leases and a possible settlement of damages caused by the owners not being able to work the leases that were already paid for.

From The Daily Caller

A trio of Democrats sent a letter to the acting Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt Wednesday, alleging that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) broke federal law by allowing some federal employees to begin working again.

“This is an outrageous step, and the justifications provided in the BOEM contingency plan … are farcical and make it clear that the administration cares only about the impacts on its favorite industry and not about workers, their families, and ordinary families,” the letter said.

Democratic Reps. Raúl Grijalva of Arizona, Betty McCollum of Minnesota, and Alan Lowenthal of California joined Grijalva in signing the letter. Grijalva chairs the House Committee on Natural Resources, which oversees the DOI.

BOEM changed its shutdown plan Jan. 8 to bring back employees to work on seismic permits and offshore lease sales because leaving the agency understaffed threatened to “negatively impact the Treasury and negatively impact investment in the U.S. Offshore Gulf of Mexico,” BOEM said according to the letter.

The Democrats are trying to make the shut down as painful as they can like the shut down we had under Obama. I hope the voters are paying attention. Rep Grijalva was arrested in front of trump tower, protesting his winning of the election. The cover photo is him being arrested.