Mueller’s Russian Indictments Were Too Far Reaching But Did He Lie?

When Robert Mueller first indicted 13 Russians and three Russian companies, many on the right called it a scam because no one would ever challenge the charges. But one company did and they have been spitting in Mueller’s face ever since.

That company is Concord Marketing and Consulting. The first news to come out of that trial was that one of the companies in Mueller’s complaint did not exist until after the time they were accused of committing crimes. Concord made 70 discovery requests but Mueller and his team have only answered one.

They sent a ton of social posts to Concord’s lawyers but guess what? They are all in Russian and from people’s private media profiles. Mueller’s team do not even know what are in the posts because they never translated any of them to see. So Mueller is alleging that posts in Russian that they never translated are proof of Russian meddling in our elections? Could they be any more corrupt? The answer is yes, as unbelievable as it may seem. The individuals named in the indictments do not work for Concord. The judge who was already angry with the prosecutors is probably steaming now.

From The Gateway Pundit

This is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that they never had a case against anyone they indicted from Russia.

Furthermore, I would like to know if these Russia social media accounts are what the Obama administration claims are election interference, then this case isn’t just bigger than Watergate, It’s bigger than our solar system.