“Bikers for Trump” Get Trapped – The President Stepped In To Help Them!

Bikers For Trump from the New Jersey Chapter, veterans and law enforcement officers showed out at Trump’s Bedminster golf club on Saturday afternoon., hoping to get see a glimpse of the president and maybe even getting to meet him.

All told there were about 180 supporters on hand, all of whom were fighting a driving range. Then President Trump did something I don’t think any other president has done or would have done. He invited them inside. He didn’t just let them enter the building, he was there ion hand to greet them. He signed autographs and allowed them to take selfies.

From The Daily Caller

President Donald Trump greeted nearly 200 military veterans, law enforcement officers, supporters and members of the New Jersey chapter of “Bikers for Trump” at his Bedminster golf club on Saturday afternoon.

“Info from @WhiteHouse on today’s “photo opportunity with ‘Bikers for Trump’ and supporters” at Bedminster, NJ. ”

“Bikers for Trump, at his Bedminster, NJ golf club.”

“Bikers for Trump lined up inside the gate at Trump National Bedminster. In half an hour they’ll be meeting President Trump. Photo thanks to pooler”

“Bikers for Trump holding at Bedminster ahead of event with POTUS.”

“President Trump brought the Bikers for Trump event inside Trump National Bedminster because of the rain. He’s currently signing MAGA hats, taking selfies with people, and greeting supporters.”

“President @realDonaldTrump signs autographs and meets with supporters and members of ‘Bikers for Trump’ in the ballroom of Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. ”

“Hundreds of Bikers for Trump just joined me at Bedminster. Quite a scene – great people who truly love our Country!”

This is where the liberal media misses the point on President Trump, whom they castigate for not “acting presidential.” President Trump is not a boss. He is a leader. A boss says “Go do this.” A leader says “Follow me”. And they do.