Angel Mom Says This Trump Move Was Brilliant

Angel Mom, Mary Ann Mendoza, co-founder of Angel Families says that President Trump was brilliant in announcing a deal to build the wall and offering the Democrats temporary relief for the Dreamers and TPS recipients.

She says it’s brilliant because it will expose the Democrats in the House and the Senate as the open borders advocates. Sure, they all say they want border security but they haven’t done a dang thing to stop drugs and criminals crossing the border and turning Americans into victims.

Trump has called their bluff and soon the voters and the furloughed government workers will realize just who is really responsible for the government shut down.

From Breitbart News

The deal gives the roughly 325,000 foreign nationals living in the U.S. on Temporary Protected Status (TPS) amnesty to remain in the country. In return, about a fifth of border wall funding — $5.7 billion — would be secured to build a barrier at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mendoza calls the move “brilliant” because she says it will expose House and Senate Democrats for being radically supportive of open borders.

“I think at this point, with what’s going on, I think it’s a brilliant move,” Mendoza said. “If the Democrats refuse it, it will show the DACAs that they don’t care about them.”

Mendoza said she hoped the Trump administration and Congress would properly screen the DACA-enrolled illegal alien population to “weed out” the “criminal element” of the program.

“If [Trump] cleaned up [the DACA] program, I understand there’s going to be a waiting period for the wall, but we can’t be at a gridlock,” Mendoza said. “There’s got to be movement. We’ve got to keep going in a forward motion.”