Angel Mom Accuses Pelosi and Schumer of Treasonous Acts

The mother of a cop who was killed by an illegal alien drunk driver in 2014 is giving Pelosi and Schumer an earful, accusing them of treason for refusing to make money available for border security, including the wall.

Mary Ann Mendoza is speaking up again after the murder of police officer Ronil Singh. She is accusing Democrats of putting the rights of illegal aliens above the safety of American citizens. That’s because they don’t hate illegal aliens.

From The Conservative Tribune

On “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Saturday, Mary Ann Mendoza, the mother of a police officer killed four years ago by an illegal immigrant with a criminal record, said Democrats are putting the rights of illegal immigrants over the safety of American citizens.

“Every politician in D.C. should be listening closely to the American people right now because we have woken up,” she told “Fox & Friends Weekend.” “We are tired of the lies that come out of their mouth.”

Mendoza said that her “heart is just ripping apart” for the family that Singh leaves behind.

“Angel families are praying for them. We know exactly the struggle they’re dealing with today,” she said.

She also suggested an unusual strategy for dealing with the Democrats obstructing border security: “Maybe the American people are gonna start bringing suits against them for the crimes they’re committing against Americans by not protecting us.”